Moon Mode

Fun, accessible,
user-centric VR.

Moon Mode! We're a VR development studio. As a team we've been in the game since 2013, and we're on a mission to prove that VR doesn't have to be niche, complicated or uncomfortable.

We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in hearing more about our services, or would like to discuss commissioning a project.

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We do:


VR Games

We've been making VR games since 2013 and have won multiple game design awards for our accessible and imaginative VR experiences.



Nothing beats VR for immersive visualisation. Whether it be for industry, education or entertainment, we're proud of our ability to make the most of the VR medium.


VR Consulting

Our efficient workflow allows us to develop VR applications at a rapid pace, and our experience with VR design makes us the perfect partner for your VR projects.

Our Latest Work:

Spacefolk City

Our first IP! Spacefolk City is a funky take on the city building genre. Build up a city in VR and help the quirky Spacefolk to escape the impending disaster of their sun going supernova!

Available on the Oculus Store!

Down the Rabbit Hole

We were involved in art and audio production for our partner studio Cortopia's wonderful VR adventure title Down the Rabbit Hole!

Paper Valley

Developed for our friends at VITEI Backroom, we were involved with the game design, programming, sound, art production and release on Oculus Rift, Go and HTC Vive.

We are:

Chris McLaughlin

Chris McLaughlin


Tech and Design Lead, The Voice of Reason

Rosie Packwood

Rosie Packwood


Art Lead, The Bright Side of the Moon

Alex May

Alex May


Director, Talkative Listener

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